Our Story

The Fourteen Club was set up by Luke who while at University lost one of his best friends to suicide.

The friend in question was Russell (Russ) who sadly took his own life in March 2013. Russ was a kind, loving and successful young man with his whole life ahead of him. He had a massive group of friends at University and also back home is Bristol, alongside friends he also had an unbelievable family too who supported him in everything he did 100%.  

The main aim of the brand is to raise as much money as possible to donate to charities that promote suicide awareness and also help families who are dealing with the aftermath of suicide. After doing a lot of research Luke discovered that there are an alarming about of suicide cases across the United Kingdom. There seems to be a pattern emerging that the majority of these cases are in males. As a result of this Luke wanted to make sure a percentage of the profits from selling products went to suicide awareness charities.  

In conclusion our aims are simple but could be very effective and beneficial ‘help those who need help’ 

Let’s do this together!